Contact Us

Questions or comments about the Dishcloth Calendar are always welcome.

Many people work hard each year to make the Dishcloth Calendar possible. Please look through this list carefully to determine who you should contact if you have a problem. When contacting a member of the Dishcloth Calendar team, it is helpful to please be as complete as possible in your email and include as many details as possible, such as your name and email, transaction or purchase numbers, the item you purchased and a complete description of the problem.

Contact Janet Nogle if you:

  • Have questions about the calendar in general, such as patterns that are included
  • Have questions about purchasing the calendar
  • Have questions/problems about your PayPal transaction
  • Have not received your printed copy of your calendar

Contact Emily Jagos if you:

  • Are having technical difficulties with the website, such as cannot register or login, or complete a purchase
  • Cannot download your pattern after receiving your confirmation email
  • Cannot open your file after downloading

Contact Individual Pattern Designers if you:

  • Have questions about an individual pattern
  • Are having difficulty understanding the directions or a part of the pattern
  • You believe you have found an error in the pattern