About the Designers

Alli Barrettknitwitsalley.com and www.knitwits-heaven.com

Alli has been knitting most of her life and loves to teach anyone interested in learning. She started designing in the 1990’s and is currently running 2 websites where she offers some of her patterns for sale. Her dream is to publish a book of her designs some day. You can see more of her work here: http://knitwitsalley.com, and www.knitwits-heaven.com To read more about her personal life check out her blog: http://alliknitts.blogspot.com. Contact Alli by email: knitwitsalley@yahoo.com.

Michelle Crimm – http://southerncomfortkc.blogspot.com/

Michelle is a life long crafter who began designing dishcloths at the beginning of 2007. She has been crocheting for over 15 years which she had designed some great things.  She has been knitting for nearly 10 years and dabbling in many other crafts such as Cross Stitch, Plastic Canvas, Hand Embroidery.  She taught herself to knit when she wanted something new to learn and wanted to learn cabling and soon discovered that dishcloths were the perfect thing to knit.  She now sells dishcloth patterns on her website http://www.craftsy.com/user/pattern/store/490189 . You can also find some of her free patterns on her blog http://southerncomfortkc.blogspot.com/ .   In addition to knitting, she also enjoys  reading, talking with friends, swinging, eating great southern dishes and playing with her boxers, Ariel and Roran. You can contact Michelle at groovythumper12@gmail.com.

Emily Jagoswww.designsbyemily.com

Emily has been crafting as long as she can remember. She was taught to knit by her Grandma when she was very young, but did not start knitting in earnest until 1999. In 2006 she joined the Monthly Dishcloth  group and was immediately hooked on dishcloths. Designing her own dishcloth patterns quickly followed. In addition to knitting she dabbles in many other crafts such as crocheting, cross stitch, sewing, beading, calligraphy, and ceramics. Her newest passion is quilting and her fabric stash is starting to rival her yarn stash. Emily sells dishcloth patterns on her website www.designsbyemily.com. She can be contacted at emily@designsbyemily.com.

Janet Noglejanetsknittingroom.blogspot.com

Janet has been crocheting and knitting for 10 plus years and took up designing when she couldn’t find a design she had in her head and decided to put it down on paper. However, she would have never ventured such a task if it wasn’t for Rhonda White, she encouraged Janet to take the leap. Janet has been working with the “Dishcloth Hangups” Calendar for the last five years for the very same reason…nothing out there had what she wanted and much to her amazement others were going through the same thing. You can find most of her designs on the MonthlyDishcloth group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MonthlyDishcloths/) or her personal blog at: http://janetsknittingroom.blogspot.com/. Janet welcomes feedback and suggestions from her readers/knitters and anyone who would like to email. She can be contacted at jcnogle@gmail.com

Dione Read –  – www.sew-funky.com

Dione is a busy Mum of 3 and Foster Mum to many.  In her down time, which is in rather short supply these days, she likes to design and make dishcloths.  She is a native New Zealander.  You can find her on her website http://www.sew-funky.com or contact her at sewfunky@orcon.net.nz.