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I just wanted to put up a quick message to say that the delay in the kickoff was all my fault! Please don’t blame Janet for not having everything ready yesterday. She’s been working her fingers to the bone to have the calendar ready for the kickoff and then was relying on me to get it up on the website this weekend. I had a little problem this weekend and couldn’t get to it.

It’s all ready to go now and I know that Janet is putting out announcements about the 2011 Calendar now. She’s really outdone herself this year! You are going to love it!


2 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. Emily,

    I agree with Janet, you are WAY to hard on yourself. I myself am just so thankful that there are folks like yourself, Janet and all the others that have contributed to the orchestration of getting this calendar out to us. I would be lost without you!

    And like the bumper sticker says…”Stuff happens!” Each and every one of us have life events that spring up that are beyond our control. So take several deep breaths, knit a stitch or two, and know that you are truly appreciated for ALL your efforts!

  2. I totally agree with what Bobbi Oliver said. You ladies have lives to live outside of this group, I don’t know how you can accomplish so much. The calendar is a winner once again, you keep topping yourself year after year.

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