2013 Knitting Calendar

Hi all, I wanted to update everyone on the Calendar.  It looks like the “rollout” for Sept 5 is

doable.  The people who ordered the printed copy early will be the first to receive it because

as soon as it is done, it will be mailed out.  So if you are looking for a printed version, go to

www.paypal.com and select “send money” and send $27 to jnogle@cox.net to reserve your

early copy.  For additional copies, contact me.


Our rollout will include 2 give-away prizes of yarn and a free pattern that will be posted on

our website and in the calendar.  We will have numerous subjects in the calendar to include

25 patterns for the home.  They include cloths, towels, dishcloth variations, soap sacks and

links to receive quite a few more patterns.  The below photo is another pattern that will

appear in our calendar.  It was designed by Alli Barrett who is a charter member of the

Dishcloth Calendar and is an excellent designer.  This one is for all of our picture cloth fans.

Janet Nogle



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